This is a personality generator invented by Professor Kett and Four-Bit Jones.

The PAEIPS Rating System - that is to say, Personality As Expressed In Playing Style, is a complex psychological profiling tool invented in Bonesea that takes in around 350 data points for a yuman bean and spits out a surprisingly accurate three-word summary on how they like to live their lives, react to any given circumstance, deal with all the shizzle or ply their greasy churn.

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Common conventions

Donna Maw - Boneswomen in all their glory

Climo Coss - Bonesmen, simple

Adrianna Boyes-Haven - Boney ladies

Adam Golley-Smith - Bonesmen with airs & graces

Helga Hanna Cragmartin - Boneswomen using two given names

Stedianus Silus MacDonald - Bonesmen using two given names

Occasional conventions

Scanty Quinn - Bonesfolk (m/f) commom nick & surname

Frigid Miller - Bonesfolk (m/f) with an adjective nickname

Sixfold Smith - Bonesfolk (m/f) with an adverb nickname

Hash McAlpine - Bonesfolk (m/f) with a noun nickname COMING SOON

>Lucifer Jones - Bonesfolk (m/f) with a nickname, any nickname COMING SOON

Bald Betty Cole - Boneswomen with a nickname COMING SOON

Jakarta Jack Moses - Bonesmen with a nickname COMING SOON

Rare conventions

Ffion FitzPuckett - Boneswomen with prefixes

Nobb MacKirk - Bonesmen with prefixes

Mildred Margodott - Boneswomen adopting the matronymic convention

Mithian Manfredsson - Bonesmen adopting the patronymic convention

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PAEIPS System - Basic character profile


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