Scanty Quinn

This is a name generator for Bonesfolk with common surnames, mostly taken from the Spittalninny dialect of Common English.

6,484 popular nicknames; 53 common surnames; 343,652 possible outcomes.

A note on the John Smith Factor. This is very low in Bonesea. It means that although there are many common first names, like John, and many common surnames, like Smith, rarely are common names combined. Common name pairings like John Smith or Fred Jones or Trevor Brown are avoided for a truly Boney name, and sometimes that means adding a preposterous noun, adjective or adberb for a nickname. This Boney Gen is one that provides the more common nicknames - these can be male or female - together with the more common family names.

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Common conventions

Donna Maw - Boneswomen in all their glory

Climo Coss - Bonesmen, simple

Adrianna Boyes-Haven - Boney ladies

Adam Golley-Smith - Bonesmen with airs & graces

Helga Hanna Cragmartin - Boneswomen using two given names

Stedianus Silus MacDonald - Bonesmen using two given names

Occasional conventions

Scanty Quinn - Bonesfolk (m/f) commom nick & surname

Frigid Miller - Bonesfolk (m/f) with an adjective nickname

Sixfold Smith - Bonesfolk (m/f) with an adverb nickname

Hash McAlpine - Bonesfolk (m/f) with a noun nickname COMING SOON

>Lucifer Jones - Bonesfolk (m/f) with a nickname, any nickname COMING SOON

Bald Betty Cole - Boneswomen with a nickname COMING SOON

Jakarta Jack Moses - Bonesmen with a nickname COMING SOON

Rare conventions

Ffion FitzPuckett - Boneswomen with prefixes

Nobb MacKirk - Bonesmen with prefixes

Mildred Margodott - Boneswomen adopting the matronymic convention

Mithian Manfredsson - Bonesmen adopting the patronymic convention

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